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Launching the Strand Palace Website

Strand Palace

We are very happy to announce the release and continued success of the Strand Palace Website. Since we launched the Strand Palace website 6 Months ago the Strand Palace has seen an enormous uplift in bookings. Using a combination of Machine Learning and business-driven Smart Algorithms we are able to match the customer with the best options for them, using the previous choices they have made to make recommendations to them in the same way that Amazon does.  I would personally like to thank Jamie Childs and Ben Chapman for their amazing input and ideas to make this website the best it could be.

Finally, Let me end on a quote from the website owner, Jamie Childs who I sincerely thank for his kind words

“MediaConcepts is a highly professional and creative company that truly understand the hospitality industry. Our move to a fully integrated website and booking engine that they developed for us, has given us much more flexibility and better control over the way we manage our direct web bookings. The full integration with our PMS and using data to provide valuable insights have helped us to create a seamless website across all device types. Through our long-standing partnership with MediaConcepts and the team’s deep industry knowledge we have full confidence that we are set up to continuously enhance our guests the booking experience through our website.”

Jamie Childs