Mobile Concierge helps with social distancing.

With Government requirements calling for Social Distancing.
We show you how our Mobile App can help.

Giving your guest the assurance they need to stay at your property is hard when so many of your processes require face to face interactions. Yet Governments require it, and guests stay where they feel safe.

Heres how the MediaConcepts mobile concierge can help you meet these needs.

  1. Allowing the guest to Check-in, scan their passport and unlock their room all without approaching the front desk.

    The Mobile App can allow your guests to check-in entering their data before or at the point of arrival.  Their guest details will be stored into the PMS directly without the FrontDesk staff thus reducing the risk of errors. Guests can then Scan their passport either using MRZ or the NFC chip to validate and store the passport details, even uploading the guest picture if required. The Pricilla Mobile App can then even take it a step further, offering the guest a room upgrade, allocating a room and issuing an electronic door key thus allow the guest to walk straight up to their room without having a direct face to face contact.

  2. Restaurant booking using timeslots and guest notification to allow guests to social distance even when waiting for a table.

    Booking a table is one thing, but often a guest will turn up at the restaurant and have to wait for the table to become available. To avoid congestion at the entrance, guests can be notified when their table is available.

    This can also be applied for breakfast as well, where a guest can indicate their readiness to have breakfast and the app can notify them when it is their turn to attend.

  3. The guest can use the room control to switch on / off lights, control AC, TV, Blinds and other fixtures reducing the number of hard surfaces they touch.

    Although your staff will do their best to wipe down every surface, reducing the attack point of the virus can be an important part of reducing risk.  Guest can use the App to control the room without having to touch unnecessary surfaces.

    It also has the added advantage of helping with the environmental challenges to your hotel by either automatically turning off devices or making it easy to turn off devices when a guest leaves the room.

  4. Housekeeping notification when the room has been vacated, protecting your guests and staff

    Guest can easily notify housekeeping staff when they leave the room, thereby eliminating the cross over between staff and guests.

    This could even be done automatically using Geo-Location.

  5. Reduce the number of contacts with the Concierge by providing all the information a guest needs when they need it.

    One of the advantages of using a guest mobile concierge is the huge reductions in contacts to the front desk and concierge to ask simple questions like what Time is breakfast or how do I get to a nearby attraction. Allowing the guest to answer these questions for themselves not only reduces your work but also reduces the face to face contacts.

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